Acura RSX-S

Engine type

2.0 liter, DOHC 16V, Inline 4 Cylinder


200hp @ 7400RPM




6 Speed Manual

Curb weight



Front Wheel Drive


Tom Fuller

First appearance

Page 34 (first car)
Page 169 (second car)

The Acura RSX-S is a Japanese performance sports front wheel drive car. This model is the final generation of the Honda Integra; afterwards production ceased.

Tom Fuller's exterior modifications on his car consist primarily of decals describing what he's done under the hood of the car. Tom says he customized his car, but it was actually modified by his younger sister Missi Fuller.

The car has been lowered slightly, and fitted with lighter rims. A short ram air intake has replaced the factory air box, leading through to a high flow muffler on the other end.[1]

Tom's most recent modification has been the addition of NOS, giving him a 50hp boost on demand. When he used the NOS in a race against Ash Upton, he lost control on an Old Road curve and would have died if Rumisiel had not used his powers to save him. However, Rumisiel also wrecked his car by breaking some pistons, the muffler, and the engine block. After the incident he bought another Acura RSX-S to replace his old one.

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