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Aiden and Carly Blackwell[1] are students at Hell High and are the main characters of this story. The following people are currently living in the Blackwell residence.

  • Eddie Blackwell [2] Eddie is Aiden and Carly's father with Lucrezia being the mother. Since Eddie and Lucrezia are condemned souls in the first circle of Hell, they would normally not be able to have children, especially those who were living human beings.
  • Lucrezia Blackwell [3]
  • Aiden Blackwell
  • Carly Blackwell
  • Nil -- [4] Nil was found by Charon floating in the River Styx, and nobody knows where she came from. Even Nil is unaware of her past since she has lost her memory.


  1. Carly Blackwell
  2. Eddie Blackwell
  3. Lucrezia Blackwell
  4. Nil