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Ash Upton can be said to be the male protagonist of Misfile. Born male and misfiled into the female cabinet by a pot-smoking angel named Rumisiel, Ash meets Emily McArthur, and they set out to help Rumisiel get back into Heaven and fix his big mistakes.

Ash's situation plays heavily on her mind throughout the comic, and Emily is generally there to help her get through it, or at the very least, teach Ash how to be a convincing girl.

According to her driver's license, Ash is 5'6", 105 lb, and has brown hair and green eyes. The date of birth is cleverly hidden by a well-placed thumb. [1] Her bra size is 34C.[2]


Ash Upton was born to Edward and Marie Upton in January; the year is never specified.[3] When she was three years old, Marie left the family because of Edward's overbearing nature. This led her father into taking a "If you love something, let it go" attitude with raising his child. Ash saw this as being cold. As a boy, he once tried to contact his mother by letter at thirteen, but decided against it. However, after the misfile, Ash, as a girl, did contact her mother by letter when she was thirteen.

Ash seems to have been a loner, not having many friends at the time of the comic, aside from Harry Walsh, a local mechanic, and James, an older boy who taught her to drive. Although she doesn't have the memories, it appears that Ash and James lost their virginities together on the night before James left home for college.[4] She also managed to fulminate a rivalry with Tom Fuller.


Emily McArthur — Ash's best friend and guide in the ways of the female. Ash has admitted to having feelings for her, which she returns, but her situation makes her uncomfortable with being more than friends. Recently, they have been tutoring each other, Ash receiving mathematics help and Emily learning how to race. They try to get more involved romantically as of recent.

Rumisiel — Usually an annoyance in Ash's eyes, but they have been shown to enjoy common interests. Ash still harbors a grudge against Rumisiel for turning her into a girl, and also for creating a cover story that they are dating.

Missi Fuller — Tom Fuller's younger sister and Ash's ex-girlfriend, though this is one-sided. Missi refuses to accept being dumped and is hanging around Ash until she 'comes around'. However, Ash still considers her a friend.


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