Each page lists who or what appears on the page. If the name is bolded, it is the first appearance. If in italic, the character has no physical presence, like appearing in a picture or flashback. If in parentheses, character is mentioned but does not appear.

Book 2
Title Page
Page 1 Vashiel, Audi (Unsure of exact model), Edward
Page 2 Vashiel, Edward, Rumisiel, Ash
Page 3 Ash, Edward, Vashiel, Rumisiel
Page 4 Vashiel, Rumisiel, Ash
Page 5 Ash, Rumisiel, Vashiel
Page 6 Ash, Rumisiel, (Vashiel), Edward
Page 7 Vashiel, Ash
Page 8 Emily, Ash, (Rumisiel), (Vashiel)
Page 9 Emily, Ash, (Ms. McArthur)
Page 10 Ash, Emily, Four unnamed cars
Page 11 Emily, Used Car Salesman, 1994 Hyundai Excel
Page 12 Emily, Ash, 1994 Hyundai Excel, Used Car Salesman
Page 13 Ash, Used Car Salesman, Emily, (Honda Civic DX)
Page 14 Ash, 1992 Nissan 240SX, Used Car Salesman, Emily
Page 15 Ash, Emily, Nissan 240SX, (Harry), Used Car Salesman, Tom
Page 16 Ash, Rumisiel, Vashiel
Page 17 Vashiel
Page 18 Ash, Vashiel
Page 19 Three unnamed people, Nissan 240SX, Emily, DMV Driving Tester, Ms. McArthur, (Ash)
Page 20 Ms. McArthur, Emily, Ash, Nissan 240SX
Page 21 Ash, Emily, Nissan 240SX, Unnamed car, Harry
Page 22 Emily, Ash, Harry, (Kate)
Page 23 Emily, Ash, (Kate), Harry, (Jaguar XKR)
Page 24 Ash, Harry, Emily, Nissan 240SX, Kate, Angelica
Page 25 Ash, Emily, Kate, (Angelica)
Page 26 Emily, Ash, Nissan 240SX, (Harry)
Page 27 Ash, Vashiel
Page 28 Ash, Vashiel, Nissan 240SX
Page 29 Ash, Nissan 240SX, Vashiel, (Rumisiel)
Page 30 Fred, Rumisiel, Ash, Vashiel, (Heaven)
Page 31 Ash, Vashiel
Page 32 Ash, Vashiel, Acura RSX-S (Tom's second one), Tom
Page 33 Tom, Ash, Acura RSX-S, Vashiel
Page 34 Tom, Ash, Vashiel, Rumisiel
Page 35 Emily, Ash, (Tom), Vashiel, Rumisiel
Page 36 Ash, Emily, Nissan 240SX
Page 37 Emily, Ash, Nissan 240SX
Page 38 Ash, Emily, Nissan 240SX
Page 39 Emily, Nissan 240SX, Unnamed friend of Ms. McArthur, Ms. McArthur
Page 40 Ms. McArthur, Emily, Nissan 240SX
Page 41 Rumisiel, Vashiel, (Ash)
Page 42 Vashiel, Rumisiel, (Teshiel), Ash, Kate
Page 43 Ash, Rumisiel, (Kate), (Tom)
Page 44 Ash, Rumisiel, Two unnamed classmates of Ash's, Tom
Page 45 Tom, Acura RSX-S, The Old Road, Ash, Kate
Page 46 Two unnamed students, Ash, Emily, (Rumisiel), (Kate)
Page 47 Emily, Ash, (Vashiel), Kate, Jaguar XKR
Page 48 Kate, Ash, Jaguar XKR
Page 49 Emily, Ash, (Kate), Rumisiel
Page 50 Unnamed teacher of Ash's, (Ash), Paul, Emily, Vashiel
Page 51 Emily, Ash, (Kate), (Vashiel)
Page 52 Ash, Emily, (Edward)
Page 53 Emily, Ash, (Rumisiel)
Page 54 Emily, Ash, (XR4Ti)
Page 55 Emily, Ash, (Edward)
Page 56 Ash, XR4Ti, Rumisiel
Page 57 Rumisiel, Ash, (Tom), (Kate), (Vashiel)
Page 58 Ash, XR4Ti, Rumisiel, Monster XR#, (Kate)
Page 59 Ash, Emily, Rumisiel, Vashiel, XR4Ti, Nissan 240SX, The Old Road, (Kate)
Page 60 Ash, Emily, XR4Ti, The Old Road, (Kate), Jaguar XKR
Page 61 Kate, Jaguar XKR, Ash, Vashiel, Rumisiel, Angelica
Page 62 Kate, Ash, Jaguar XKR, The Old Road, XR4Ti
Page 63 Kate, Angelica, Jaguar XKR, The Old Road, XR4Ti
Page 64 Emily, Vashiel, Rumisiel, (Angelica), Jaguar XKR, XR4Ti, The Old Road
Page 65 Kate, Jaguar XKR, The Old Road, Ash, XR4Ti
Page 66 Ash, XR4Ti, The Old Road, Kate
Page 67 Ash, Kate, The Old Road, (Angelica)
Page 68 Emily, Rumisiel, Nissan 240SX, Vashiel, XR4Ti, The Old Road
Page 69 Emily, Ash, XR4Ti
Page 70 Ash, Edward, (Audi), (XR4Ti)
Page 71 Emily, Ms. McArthur, (Aunt Natalie)
Page 72 Ms. McArthur, Emily
Page 73 Edward, Rumisiel, (Ash)
Page 74 Ash, (Kate), Vashiel, Edward
Page 75 Edward, Ash, Emily, (Ms. McArthur), (Nissan 240SX)
Page 76 Ash, Emily
Page 77 Ash, Emily, (Ms. McArthur), (Emily's Father), (Marie), (Kate)
Page 78 Ash, (Kate), Emily, (Jaguar XKR)
Page 79 Ash, Emily, Nissan 240SX
Page 80 Emily, Nissan 240SX, Ash, Rumisiel, Vashiel
Page 81 Edward, (Ash), (Emily), Rumisiel, Vashiel
Page 82 Rumisiel, Edward, (Ash), (Marie), (Vashiel)
Page 83 Vashiel, (Ash), Rumisiel, Edward
Page 84 Ash, Emily, (Nissan 240SX)
Page 85 Ash, Emily
Page 86 Ash, Emily
Page 87 Emily, Ash, Rumisiel
Page 88 Rumisiel, Ash, Emily, (Nissan 240SX), Vashiel, (Edward)
Page 89 Emily, Ash
Page 90 Emily, Ash, (Marie)
Page 91 Marie, Ash, Emily
Page 92 Emily, Ash, Edward, Marie
Page 93 Emily, Ash, (Marie)
Page 94 Thirteen unnamed students, Emily, Ash, (Marie), Vashiel, Rumisiel
Page 95 Emily, Vashiel, Ash, (Marie)
Page 96 Emily, (Marie), (Emily's Father), Vashiel, Maude, Molly, One unnamed classmate or friend of Molly's
Page 97 Ash, Vashiel, Emily, Molly, (Ryan)
Page 98 Molly, Vashiel, Emily, (Ash)
Page 99 Vashiel, Emily, Four unnamed students, Ash, Rumisiel
Page 100 Molly, Vashiel, (Emily), Ash
Page 101 Ash, Emily, Vashiel, (Rumisiel)
Page 102 Ash, (Rumisiel), Jaguar XKR
Page 103 Ash, Jaguar XKR, Kate
Page 104 Ash, Jaguar XKR, Emily, (Rumisiel), (Vashiel), (Kate)
Page 105 Emily, Ms. McArthur
Page 106 Ms. McArthur, Emily
Page 107 Ms. McArthur, Emily, Nissan 240SX
Page 108 Ash, XR4Ti, (Edward), Emily, Nissan 240SX
Page 109 Ash, (Kate), Emily, Monster XR, (Ms. McArthur)
Page 110 Ash, Emily, (Ms. McArthur)
Page 111 Emily, Ash, (Ms. McArthur), (Ms. Taber), (Rumisiel)
Page 112 Ash, Emily
Page 113 Emily, Ash
Page 114 Emily, Ash, XR4Ti

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