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Edward Upton is Ash Upton's father and Tempest's local gynecologist. His parents apparently were from England, which is where Ash's half English side comes from.[1] He was 45 years old at the time of the misfile.[2]


His usually cold demeanor is broken by only two things: his work, which he loves; and his daughter Ash, whom he dotes over. This is somewhat of a problem due to the generally good, but much more distant, relationship he'd had with his son before the gender swap occurred.[3]

His female patients find that his ability to remember their vaginas better than their faces to be embarrassing and a little disturbing.[2] Ash's friends find him to be creepy because of his lack of social filters.[4] Despite his tendency to be socially oblivious, he still has a very lucrative practice; and based upon his reputation as a nationally renowned doctor, he is often called on to lecture at conventions.

His social inadequacy is made even more apparent when he invites Dr. Frist to a Christmas Eve party at his house so that Ash can meet her. Dr. Frist is the gynecologist Ash has an appointment with after Christmas. She was not pleased to have the woman she was "practically going to be intimate with in a few days" in close proximity.[4]