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Emily McArthur was formerly an 18-year-old Harvard bound student who suddenly found herself two years younger. The cause of this — the angel Rumisiel — enters her life that morning and takes her to be introduced to a similar victim, Ash Upton. As a result of her Misfile, it is as if she never lived these missing years, though a consequence of this is that she remembers them. Moreover, according to Emily, she has worked nonstop the last two years of her life, at the expense of her social life and finding a relationship.


Before the series began, Emily was constantly studying to fulfill her mother's dream of her being accepted into Harvard, something she was pressured about for most of her life. Her father isn't named and her mother's first name hasn't been given yet. She was friends with Molly Taber and a group of girls.

Emily lost her virginity during her freshman year as a result of peer pressure by her friends, and she regrets the way it happened.[1]


Ash — Emily's new best friend. She has managed to get her into her car hobby and has helped her gain a life outside of her mother's dreams. Emily also has feelings for Ash, but she's confused because she isn't sure she's attracted to Ash's female body. She knew Ash was a senior and that her birthday was in January,[2] but she was somehow surprised by her eighteenth birthday.[3] It has also been hinted that Ash knew of Emily as she was before the Misfile took place.[4]

Rumisiel — These two barely interact, however it is clear Emily still shares Ash's grudge, but she seems to be nicer to him.

Missi — Emily's rival for Ash's attention, these two tend to insult and belittle each other at every opportunity. However, with the introduction of Heather, they seem to have called a truce of sorts to deal with a common enemy.


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