Heather Walsh
First appearance September 5, 2007
Gender female
Species human
Family Harry Walsh (uncle), later Kate Walsh (aunt)
Car Ford Focus ZX3


Heather Walsh first appears Misfile in as an unnamed female racer who signals Emily as a challenge to race. [1]  Emily backs down from the challenge from the racer and pulls over.  Heather apologizes for the misunderstanding. [2]

She reappears at Kate and Harry's wedding and is shown catching the bouquet. [3] It is revealed that Heather is Harry's niece. Her father owns his own business, but she doesn't think that he's happy.[4]

Heather disagreed with Missi and Emily about several car-related opinions, and thus challenged Emily to a race (which Missi accepted on her behalf).[5] Emily won the race.[6]

Heather really hates Ash, and will work diligently on schemes just to make him feel bad.[7]This could be due to Heather's jelousy over girl Ash and James's pre-misfile relationship.[8] As part of this, she coached Logan to race Ash.[9] After Logan crashed during the race, Heather felt guilty and arranged to pay for the repairs.[10]

Heather made a long-term plan that included becoming King of the Mountain.[11] Her plans were thrown off by her loss to Emily in their race.[12]

Heather drives a yellow[13] Ford Focus ZX3.[14]

Pre-Misfile LifeEdit

Ash remembered meeting Heather years previously,[15] but Heather had no recollection.[16] Heather may have been lying, in order to get back at Ash for capturing James' affections.[17]


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