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Heaven is the place where God and the angels reside, and the place where the souls of humans judged worthy go after death.

It is also where the Celestial Filing Depository is located. It even has a postal address: 361 Eden Lane, Heaven 01741.[1]


Heaven, in the Misfile Universe, appears to be loosely based upon the Heaven as described in the Christian bible, so we won't rehash the book of Genesis here. The story picks up long after Adam and Eve got themselves kicked out of Paradise, and things had settled down some.

In the beginning, God took a hands-on approach to the universe, but over time He saw another way. So, He created the Celestial Filing Depository. The day-to-day details of the running of the universe[2] could be handled by the angels,[3] and God would attend to the over-arching issues that might arise, while humans just went about their lives.

The CFD initially was run by whoever was around and was very disorganized. Then the angel Lucifer stepped up and organized the Depository like a corporation with himself as CEO, but he was greedy and prideful, and he sought to take over all of Heaven. God, of course, wasn't having it, and he kicked Lucifer out of Heaven after beating him soundly.[3] To prevent a recurrence of an angelic rebellion, God split the depository into five separate branches, each with its own staff headed by an archon.[4]

Rumisiel was working in the astral wing of the fifth branch of the celestial filing depository when he misfiled Ash Upton and Emily McArthur.[5]