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First Appearance Book 2: Page 160

Jaguar XKR


"Kamikaze" Kate is a racer who drives like she's trying to kill everyone on the road, herself included. Eights years before her first appearance in the comic, Kate and her older sister Angelica were novice racers. They quickly became some of the best racers from Mount Greylock, especially Angelica. The local boys didn't like her being number one, so during a race, they ran Angelica off the road so she wouldn't win, but they accidentally made her fall from the cliff and die, and the three denied their involvement and got off. Since then, Kate ran against other racers like a demon, becoming a legend in the local street racing community. She goes to Tempest and challenges Ash Upton to a race, winning. Vashiel and Rumisiel discover she is possessed by her sister, and they try to make Angelica leave her body. Vashiel is knocked out, but Rumisiel manages to make her leave and Kate becomes a normal person.

In Book 4 she is engaged with Harry Walsh, and they marry in Book 7, having asked Ash to be her maid-of-honor. Kate continues to think of Ash as a friend, asking her to be maid of honour at the wedding and to recruit other bridesmaids. When she hears Ash may be in trouble she offers to help out.[2]

Kate drives a Jaguar XKR prepared by Harry, with a six-speed racing transmission and vanity license plate "KATE 3"[3]. She previously had a BMW Z3.[4]


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