Marie Upton
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Cape Cod

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Book 3: Page 259

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Marie Upton is Ash Upton's mother. She is half-French and half-Vietnamese.[1]

She used to work as a underwear model and currently works in marketing at an underwear corporation.

She drives a Lexus.[1]

Pre-Misfile LifeEdit

When Ash was a boy, he never got into contact with his mother, but due to Rumisiel's misfile that changed Ash into a girl and his past, the female Ash had sent a letter for her mother when she had thirteen year old and they keep contact for years, for the male Ash's surprise.

According to 'Ask Ash', Marie and Edward are divorced. It seems that this also holds true after the Misfile, as Marie appears to be slightly antagonistic towards Edward. The reason for their separation according to Edward, was that due to his controlling personality instead alienated his wife causing her to walk out on her family, but the letter from female Ash allowed her to keep in contact with her child.