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Missi is an impulsive Chinese adoptee[1] and self-proclaimed mechanic of around 14-15 years of age.


Upon entering Tempest High School she sought out Ash Upton whom she idolized after hearing about them from her older brother Tom (also adopted) and has since become a semi-regular member of her social group. It is shown that Missi had never met Ash prior to this, and thus loosely implied that she was unaware of Ash's gender.

Her parents seem much more attentive to Tom than to her, possibly causing her self esteem issues. Missi's dad works with "two hundred computer guys."[2]

Though quick to boast about her mechanical abilities, their extent is largely unknown though she appears to possess a considerable amount of knowledge when it comes to both terminology and car models. She claims to have done all the work on Tom's cars.

As her brother's name is considered to be a play on "tomfoolery", it has been speculated that hers is a play on "Misfile".

According to Ash's father, she has pierced nipples.[citation needed] She has a tattoo on her back, which Emily refers to as a 'Tramp Tag'.


Ash: They used to date, but Missi still considers them a couple, hanging around Ash until he 'comes around'. She is unaware that he used to be a boy.

Emily: Missi's rival for Ash's affection. The two insult and belittle each other every chance they get, but with the introduction of Heather, they seem to have declared a truce to deal with their common enemy.

Rumisiel: Their relationship is unclear, but they seem to be on the level of acquaintances.


  • "Just because you're breaking up with me doesn't mean that I have to break up with you."[3]