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Monster XR
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Ash's Monster XR

Engine type

Ford 5.0 Liter V8 HO






5 Speed Manual

Curb weight



Four Wheel Drive


Ash Upton

First appearance

Page 279


The Monster XR started life as a sort of experimental Frankenstein's Monster. Harry Walsh blended what he considered the best aspects of several vehicles in the XR family (like the XR4x4 and the Sierra RS Cosworth) into a chimera-like beast of a car. At least, that was the idea. Harry never finished the vehicle. The car was designed to use a Ford V8 engine, but the first one Harry used in the car failed. Harry removed the engine and reworked the car for about another year before his growing business left him with little time and even less space to work on it.

The car was eventually sold to Ash Upton as part of a package deal along with a working Merkur XR4Ti to make space in Harry's shop. Since that time, the car has been taking up space in the Upton's garage while Ash figures out whether or not to pick up where Harry left off or simply part out the car to upgrade the XR4Ti.

When Ash was challenged by Kamikaze Kate, Emily talked with Ash about the XR in her garage and was told its story. To Ash's surprise, the car had a Ford 5.0 Liter V8 HO engine that wasn't in it before the Misfile (which she later discovers was a gift from her mother Marie), so she decides to complete work on the car, making a deal with Harry and getting some parts from Colin.

Unlike most cars, the XR doesnt speak to Aiden Brewster, instead he says "It just sits there... growling at me."


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