Nissan 240SX
Emily's Nissan 240SX

Engine type



155hp @ 5600RPM


160 @ 4400RPM


4 Speed Automatic (original)
5 Speed Manual (current)

Curb weight

2730 lbs.


Rear Wheel Drive


Emily McArthur

First appearance

Page 150


The Nissan 240SX SE Hatchback is the somewhat underpowered cousin of the legendary Nissan Silvia S13 and the Nissan 180SX. While the 240SX was given a less powerful engine in the states, it retained its sports tuned suspension and handles very well.

It is Emily McArthur's "first car". While not "actually" Emily's first car, the 240SX is Emily's first car since the misfile, and therefore as far as most people are concerned, her first. Emily's mother gave her some money for her 16th birthday and she went to a used car dealership with Ash Upton, the two buying the used Nissan 240SX.

Emily's car was an automatic from the factory, but after passing her driver's test, Emily had Ash replace the automatic transmission with a 5-speed manual. Before making any additional modifications, Emily has decided it might be a good idea to actually learn how to drive a manual first.


Nissan 240SX page at the old Misfile site (via Wayback Machine)

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