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Tempest is a town near Mt. Greylock in Massachusetts, USA.[1] It is the main setting of Misfile and home to several characters. It has a population of about 8,000.


Tempest was founded in 1876[2] as a mining community at the base of a coal rich series of mountainous inclines known as "the Knausaw". While many referred to the Knausaw hills as the "Knausaw Mountains" their elevations never technically qualified them as such. After the advent of mechanized mining, the town grew, and the hills were converted to strip mines.

By the 1960's the mine had become unprofitable, and the Walace Mining Company closed the Old Road to move to greener pastures. In the mid 60's, the local youth discovered that the flat strip mined expanses at the center of Knausaw lent them selves to drag racing outside of the traditional jurisdiction of the town law's reach. It was not long before several of these youths discovered that the drive along the old road between the town and the mine was a more interesting racing challenge than that afforded by the Walace mines themselves. The roads were used for this type of nail biting racing until they fell into disrepair in the late 70's.

In the late 80's, Walace sold their interest in the Knausaw to a burgeoning development company known as Ester & Crown that planned to turn the peak of one of the hills into a luxury retreat. During the preliminary stages of preparation, the Old Road was extensively repaved and strengthened. After several years of legal battles, Ester & Crown's plans were dashed by environmental impact studies, and the Knausaw was left with a freshly paved road to nowhere.[3]


Tempest would likely be located where Pittsfield, MA is in real life, based on some similarities:

  • Near Mt. Greylock
  • An airport
  • About the right size
  • Near I-90