First appearance December 1, 2004
Gender male
Species angel
Family Gabriel (father), Rumisiel (brother)


Vashiel is Rumisiel's older brother. He goes to Tempest to help Rumisiel return to Heaven. His hair is grey.[1] Cassiel calls him "prodigal son", but it's not clear why.[2]

He introduces himself as "Vashiel of the second order of holy swords, divine punishment division".[3] As part of his punishment for instigating the destuction of a city along with Xaphrael and Ramael, he is incapable of lying or concealing falsehood.[4] Though he's an avenging angel, it's mostly symbolic.[5]

Vashiel never had a girlfriend, despite girls finding him very attractive. He has become strongly attracted to Ash, which bothers him a lot.[6]

Current SituationEdit

Vashiel doesn't know about the Misfile. He has been staying with the Uptons, and during Ash's senior year he began working at the Tempest Health Center as a receptionist for Dr. Upton.[7]

Pre-Misfile LifeEdit

Vashiel and two other angels (Xaphrael and Ramael) destroyed a city, and Vashiel was punished as a result.[8] Raechiel was one of the judges at Vashiel's trial.[9]